Relevant Links

Here’s a little page with a couple of links that are associated with Jesse and his work:

The Little Poetry Project:
The Little Poetry Project is a project that is using one of Jesse’s poems as a base for a film that will promote both Jesse and the concept of poetry, making it more accessible to the masses. This site is a progress blog for the project itself.

Voices of Bath 2012:
Voices is another project which Jesse is involved in via The Little Poetry Project. They are a group of students who will be showcasing various projects in and around Bath city centre on March 2nd 2012 involving the voices and stories of the people of Bath. This is a Bath Literature Festival event.

Bath Literature Festival 2012:
The Bath Lit. Fest. is a 10 day festival running from 2nd – 11th March 2012 where various events in and around Bath happen to do with Literature and the city itself, at times even combining them. You can see Jesse perform here on March 2nd. Details on his performances can be found here

Bristol Poetry Can
A useful society of poets in the South West with a calender for most events in the area. A good go-to for poetry hunters and poets alike.


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