Since I Met You

Posted: February 23, 2014 by jperrett in Poems

Since I met you

children seem less irritating

the sun shines brighter

the days seem longer

even Buster Keaton appears more colourful

Since I met you

I often find myself wandering aimlessly round town

making little noises like


and ‘oh’

and ‘uhh’

and hoping that I will run into you

Since I met you

I have discovered Feng Shui

the ancient Chinese art of interior decorating

and those weird seeds they sell in health-food shops

because I think I overheard you say to someone once

that seeds were good for you

and I’ve stopped ironically laughing whenever I say

‘health-food shops’ because now I understand why people might want to live longer

and now I have seeds with everything –

cheese and seed sandwiches

seed soup

seed stew

seeds in a seeded bun

seed milkshakes

They all taste horrible

Since I met you

I have discovered painting

and now I spend my hours drawing dramatic historical pictures of you:

you as Charlotte Corday, murdering Marat in his bathtub (with me as Marat)

you as Valerie Solonas, shooting Andy Warhol (with me as Andy Warhol)

you as Margaret Thatcher stealing free school milk from working-class children

(I tried drawing myself as the free school milk but it just looked really weird)

Since I met you I have started buying clothes that I think you would like

and then dressing up in them and looking at myself in the mirror

so I can imagine what it would look like if you lived here

I named a large spider in my kitchen after you

but it got really depressing saying your name whenever I greeted him

so I was going to put him outside

but I couldn’t bare the thought of us parting

so I had to kill him

Since I met you

I have started carrying around with me

a small matchbox in which

I have amassed a collection of your hairs

that I have occasionally found on chairs that you have sat down in

Since I met you

I have also started carrying an egg-whisk

in case you ever needed one

and the very fact that I would be carrying one would be like a miracle

and a clear sign from God that we have to spend the rest of our lives together

I have spent lots of money in florists

since you said you liked forget-me-nots

but they didn’t have any

so I just bought shed loads of tulips and daffodils instead

but then I remembered I didn’t know where you lived

so I had to follow you home from work

and then I got scared that you’d think I was weird

or you might be allergic to tulips

or daffodils

so I dumped them by the side of the road

and now everyone thinks that area’s an accident hotspot

Since I have met you I have written over twenty different poems

and songs

about the colour of your eyes

but I’ve never really got close enough to you to see what colour they are

so they’re more like poems and songs

based on speculation

about the colour of your eyes

(one of the ones about you having green eyes is really good;

I’d show it to you but it’s a bit deep)

Since I met you

I have wanted to tell you how I feel about you

but I haven’t had the courage

so I wrote you this poem.

It’s Jesse, by the way;

the guy who keeps staring at you longingly outside of Starbucks


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