Thursday Morning 00:16am

Posted: January 25, 2012 by jammysally in Poems

After deciding that going to Discord
was a bad idea
and that downing Jager Bombs
and dancing to the same playlist as last week
was not the way to drown my sorrows
I decided to make my way back home
the roads were silent
and air sharp, but cool
as about half way home
I decided to stop for a while
and recover

Up ahead stood the church
where I had once as a child
lain outside
to draw the stain-glass windows
only to discover afterwards
that I’d placed my notepad on top of some cat poo

As I made my way up the path
the motion-detecting lights switched on
and beckoned to me

And so I sat there
in the entrance
very, very early for church
and I stared out at the graffitied wall across the street
and I thought about about God
and about Jesus
and about my short time as a part-time evangelist
and I thought about Amos
and about Moses
and about the Old Testament
and the New
and about me
and how you
had dumped me approximately seven hours and five minutes ago
(and how I was totally over it)
and I wondered
if there really was a god out there
in a non-corporeal but-never-the-less-fully-real form
and, almost as if in answer,
the light above switched itself off
and plunged me into total darkness


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