Posted: January 25, 2012 by jammysally in Poems


Little Laika your moment has come

They led her by lead to her seat
Strapped her down and gave her a treat
There wasn’t even time for her mother to say goodbye
Before the favourite of her litter blasted into the sky

There she sits, that Labrador Retriever
What would her friends say; they wouldn’t believe her!
That here she’d been, Earth beneath her feet
As she munched on her rations of Baker’s Complete

It sure is quiet, it sure is dark
No passing cars at which to bark
No territory she has to mark
But the life of the Spacedog – it’s no walk in the park

She must’ve realised there was no going home
That she’d never unbury her favourite bone
Those thoughtless scientists: if they could have seen her face
As she drifted about in the coldness of space

Down on Earth, her trainers feel sick
When their thoughts return to little Muttnik
‘Dear comrades’ they say ‘what have we done?’
As they throw out the dog-bowls and Pedigree Chum
They’ll go home tonight, look through telescopes and cry
For the poor puppy, now but a star in the sky

The dog’s fate was sealed; doomed as poor Romeo
Russia’s retriever had eaten its last bowl of Boneo
She lets out a whine, draws her last breath
And daring doggy slips into death.

Back at base, it’s a minor success
But there’s lumps in their throats – they are now dogless
What have they learned? Was it worth the end
Of the nation’s hero, of man’s best friend?

Laika’s playing fetch with the angels, amongst the stars
Remember dog’s die in hot shuttles, as well as hot cars

So pause for a moment, say a prayer, shed a tear
For that mongrel that died in Earth’s atmosphere

  1. joetwo says:

    Reading this, I am reminded that the day before she was sent into space, one of the scientists brought laika home for the evening so that she could play with his children, To do something nice for her on her last day. Good poem.

  2. festivalking says:

    Reading this piece got me so emotional… I think its because I happen to love dogs dearly 😦
    Is it based on a true occurrence? :O

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