Hello there, welcome to the official website for performance poet Jesse Perrett.

 Famed for his weird hats and coats and of course his brilliant writing, Jesse has been  appearing in poetry shows in the south west for just over six years, winning-over audiences with his unique talent and style. A fusion of surreal and unexpected stand-up comedy and hilarious, self-deprecating poetry, Jesse’s work covers themes of love, obsession, dogs and the author’s misplaced confusion at and resentment of the modern world.

   ‘An amazing, dead pan satiricist who poignantly points out the inconsistencies of expectation, relationships and desire. An existentialist hero who brings pointed observations to the stage using everyday mundanity to make people laugh.’

– Patrick Sharkey – Wordplay, The Electroswing Speakeasy

  ‘It was a real pleasure to have Jesse. His excellent connection with the audience matched his delivery of material. I will simply have to book him again.’

– Robin Shaw – Aspiregers

    ‘…a humble and comedic performer who will charm you with his gentle demeanour and leave you wanting more’

– Ellen Melhuish – the Voices of Bath 2012


  1. Sean Wolfendale says:

    And he wears and excellent hat.

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